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Why Worry? Let the Angels and Guides do the work for you

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

You can call in the angels and guides by saying: I (say your full name) call in, all my Angels, Guardian Angels, Arch Angels, Raphael for Healing ( emotionally and physically), Mother Mary, Michael for protection, the Ascended Masters, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, God ( whoever you believe in), and all my Spirit Guides at this time,  ( very important you say at this time, Spirit Guides do change throughout your life, and you want to make sure you have to one that is important to your life situation at this moment). Then you address the situation you need help with, that could be anything, such as relationship, finances, job etc. There are a couple of rules, that need to be considered while working with your angels and guides: Rule #1: Intention You must have clear intentions while asking for help. Do NOT ask with, hope, maybe, if , try and wish. They are NOT intentions. And if you ask with those words, you will not attract anything. Rule # 2: No emotions You cannot have any emotions attached to the situation you need help with. Make sure you are aware in how you feel, when you ask for help. If there is any doubts, fear, anger, resentment, joy, hope, etc. It will not work. You have to be neutral. If you have a hard time getting to the neutral place, ask the angels and guides to help you first remove all the feelings, before you ask to attract situations etc. And last Rule #3: Do not analyze how you will attract The whole idea of asking your angels and guides to come in and help, is to give it up to them. So once you ask for help and sending it out. Do NOT analyze how it is going to attract /happen. Remember we as human beings we only see from point A to point B. They (angels and guides) see the bigger picture, they know what is in our highest good. ALWAYS. On the end it all comes down to COMPLETELY TRUSTING.  Finally, be open to receiving, they can send you signs in many different ways: you might get is as symbols and signs, you might be able to hear, smell and or see them, or you get messages through friends etc. Just leave it open. Abundance,


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