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Intuitive Mentorship Program 

You were born with gifts and they were meant to be expressed in ways that keep you healthy, balanced, joyful, and feeling alive! 


This is a uniquely personal experience and no two intuitive mentorships programs are the same. To make sure you get the most out of this program, I tailor the program specifically to your needs.

I am currently offering two programs:

 - One on One Intuitive Mentorship Program


- Group Intuitive Mentorship Program (up to 4 people)

both are held via Zoom. 

Intuitive Mentorship Programs are for:

Those who want to gain insight and validation of your own intuition. Get tools and ideas on how to cultivate your own intuition and navigate your intuition in your life. 

This is for you if you are interested in exploring your personal work, growing your connection to your intuition, tapping into your unique gifts, and are available to commit to showing up for yourself.

What to expect in an Intuitive Mentorship Program


- Find your main psychic sense

- Tools and ideas for cultivating your psychic sense

- Access your intuition to have an advantage and find your own answers

- Achieve your highest potential

- Tools to stay grounded and protected

- Validate instinct and integrate intuition into your everyday life

- Getting to know the 7 Main Chakras

-One 90 min session per week for 4 weeks via Zoom

-Email Support

-Group Intuitive Mentorship Program (up to 4 people) has set dates: 

Please email me for more information. 

-One on One Intuitive Mentorship Program date will be set to your availability, email me at to set up dates and times.  Once we set up dates and times I will send out the payment link. 

Program cost: 

$400.00/person for 4 weeks.





For more information please contact me at

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