Guided Meditations

Via Zoom / Outdoors

This guided meditation is intended to lead you through the basic steps of a meditation. Traditionally, participants are led to view the contents of the mind through various exercises. My ultimate goal is to unfold calm and clarity through a step-by-step process.

Contact me directly to receive your Password and Member ID to join for the Zoom version.


There is a $5 participation fee payable below. 

Zoom Meditation Dates and Times:

Thursday May 20th, 2021

at 7 PM/ EST


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Soul Rising Support Group Copy Fb.png

/Soul Rising/

Spiritual Support Group via Zoom

Soul Rising is a spiritual support group designed to offer a safe space to discuss all things spiritual. From spirits, to angels, to higher consciousness and meditation, no topic is left untouched.


We meet once a month via zoom at 6:30PMCST/7:30PMEST.




The night's topic will be Enlightenment.

This meeting is FREE and open to anyone interested in all things spiritual. 

To get your Zoom Access link click here.

Soul Rising is presented by Silvia Sisson, a Medium/Clairvoyant, and Kim Arneson, a Spiritual Life Coach.


We look forward to discussing all things spiritually related!

Mediumship Development Class ZOOM.png

Mediumship Development Class

Via Zoom

In this class we will learn about:

What is Mediumship?

What is the Spirit Realm?

How does it work?

Ways Spirit connects with us.

What is your main sense?

Blocks of communications.

Reasons why souls get stuck.

Who is who in the spirit world.

and more.... 

Cost: $25.00



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How to talk to the universe 1.png

How to talk to the Universe?

Via Zoom

Very excited to offer this workshop again!

It is kind of like the law of attraction. There are a few rules to consider working with angels and guide. 

In this workshop I will go into depth on how to properly work with your helpers on the other side. 

Cost: $25.00


N/A |


from 7-9PM EST

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Chakra Workshop

Via Zoom

This is a two-week via Zoom Workshop. 

Each week we will explore 2 Chakras. We will learn where they are located, the color associated with each Chakra. What are the positive aspects and negative aspects of the Chakras? What element, sense, sound, incense, crystal and astrological sign are associated?


 I also will give you tools and ideas on how to balance your Chakras properly. 

Cost: $35.00 /for both dates



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