"I was so impressed with the things Silvia told me, things she could not have possibly known. I enjoyed the whole experience and I can be skeptical. Silvia described my grandmother and grandfather to a T. without me saying a word about them. She described feelings and medical issues I am dealing with that she no way to know about. And she helped me to understand a situation better and even had a few surprises that were nice. I am sooo glad I called and had a session with her! "

C.P March'16




"What an amazing experience. Thank you for gift and I can't wait for my friends to book an appointment !"

-C.C March'16




"Silvia is absolutely amazing. Her gift is amazing. She always makes me feel so positive when I leave and so much better. She is a caring, wonderful person. Nothing but good things to say every time I see her!"

C.S Jan.'16



Excellent experience

"Silvia's reading was amazing and helped me make a life altering decision. I would recommend her to anyone:)".

-M.M Nov.'15



All services

"I have been attending many of Silvia's, classes, meditation, positive thinking class, readings. I have grown to trust her greatly. As gifted as she is making sure you understand, and all questions are answered her main objective is to help. All of her service are priceless! Thank you for you kindness, guidance. If I had the money I would have a standing monthly appointment! Yes she's that good!"

-K.J. Jan.'15



Guidance and Help

"There are a very small number of people I trust and Silvia is one of them. Her integrity is beyond reproach. I see her to get her help and perspective regarding issues and concerns in my life and to get input and suggestions from her guides and angels and my guides and angels. I am at peace at the end of session and walk away with clarity on areas that I should work on and how to present my intent to the Universe for the highest good of all concerned."

- Raj N. Jan.'15 




Personal Reading

"My meeting with Silvia was great! I absolutely recommend adding the recording, That made it much easier for me to concentrate on the moment without concern for what I may or may not remember later. She had so much accurate information to offer as well as advice. She explains everything. I never felt rushed. I could have spent the day with her!! I can't wait to go back for more!!!"

-smds July'14




"Silvia has showed me to see deal with situations in my life differently. My reading was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend one and be open to the experience. "

-K.S July'14





Everything I was looking for

“Silvia radiates positive & calming energy. From her charming dialogue to her beautiful gift, it was more than a night of meditation. She is a blessing to this world & I am truly appreciative of her. Just one meditation it took & I am hooked. Well paced, informative and fulfilling. Thank you. I look forward to future time with you.”

-R. May '13

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