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Face of Silvia Sisson


Who is Silvia Sisson?

My mission is to share my gift with the world and provide answers for my clients. I am a natural-born Medium (ability to contact spirits of those who have passed), Clairvoyant (ability to see events in people's future beyond normal sensory contact), and Clairsentient (someone who can acquire knowledge by means of feeling). I am also an Empath (someone who takes on the sensation of the physical and emotional states of the other person). 

I was born and raised in Switzerland. Early on, I realized that I was different and had a unique gift. When I was about fifteen years old, I realized I could associate letters and numbers with different colors. Later in life, I found out that I had a form of Synesthesia (crossed senses). I always assumed that everyone else had the same relation to numbers, letters, and colors. It took me years to accept my wonderful gift and actually learn how to use my unique abilities. I keep learning every day thanks to my amazing clients. 

Today I rely on my Angel and Ascended Masters to guide me. 

In 1999, I moved to Rhode Island, USA. Years later, I got certified as an Aromatherapist and began working with crystals, and got into the art of Chakra balancing (Chakra= the invisible energy wheel of the human body). In addition, I am also a Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master, TV Host of my very own show Intuitive Living with Silvia Sisson, and a Yoga Instructor. I have been able to combine all my tools and services to provide a peaceful and relaxing experience for my customers. I have been blessed with an amazing gift and I want to share it. 

Sending Abundance, 


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Face of Silvia Sisson


I was only 12 when I discovered I had some type of unique ability. My cousin, who had passed away and whom I'd never met- visited me from the other side. It wasn't long before I experienced more encounters with family members who had either passed away or were about to. My first encounter with my cousin was in 1990. The years after that were really important to me because it all came together. In 1994, my grandfather visited me. Two years later, I discovered I could see colors and numbers in a different way from regular people. It took me years to realize what this condition-or gift- was. I was already living in the United States when I figured I had multiple forms of Synesthesia (crossed senses), which is why I can see letters and numbers in colors and auras. 

Later on, I had a near-death experience, which prompted me to reevaluate my life. This was a pivotal turning point for me- a blessing in disguise, one could say. 

After some soul-searching, I decided to get involved in various workshops on a variety of topics such as Aromatherapy, Mediumship, Yoga, and Holistic Nutrition. Today, I have certifications in Aromatherapy, Yoga Instruction, and Holistic Nutrition, and I just added TV Host of my very own show to my resume. 

Sending Abundance, 


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