I’m a natural born Medium (able to contact spirits), Clairvoyant (clear seeing, receive vision of people and places), Clairsentient (sense of smelling, tasting and feeling). I’m also an Empath (I take on the sensation of the physical and emotional states of the being).

 I was born and raised in Switzerland. Early on I realized that there is something different about me. When I was about fifteen years young I realized I associate letters and numbers with different colors. Later I found out that I have a form of SYNESTHESIA (meaning cross senses). I always assumed that everyone has the same relation to numbers, letters and colors.

It took me many years to accept all my gifts and actually learn how to utilizes my unique abilities. Now I rely on my Angelic and Ascended Masters to guide me. 

In 1999 I moved to Rhode Island, USA. Years later I got certified as an Aromatherapist, started working with crystals and got into Chakra balancing (Chakra= invisible energy wheel in a human body). I am a Holistic Nutritionist, and Yoga Teacher. I use crystals on an everyday basis, personal and professional. I’m able to combine all my tools, and services and provide a peaceful and relaxing experience to my customers. 


Sending abundance all of its form!


Silvia Sisson


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