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Meet Ray; one of my most trusted advisor from the other side

So many times customers ask me, what are Spirit Guides? And what are their purpose?

Before I go and share my story about one of my favorite, I called it : Advisor, I will explain a bit more about Spirit Guides.

There are many types of Spirit Guides. You get one assigned when you are born. As you change and your life changes they can switch up on you.

Spirit guides can be labeled as Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels and Guides, Goddesses, Ascended Masters and Enlightened Beings, Ancestors, Spirit Animals, Elemental Energies.

They can come as human, animal and mystical form etc.

Guides are always there to help in any situation; maybe implanting a thought to assist in keeping you safe and they can become a constant part of your life if you remember to ask for their help.

And as usual, in order for them to be of service to you, it is important to create a relationship with them. Like you would do with any relationship here on this earth.

One of my most favorite and trusted Guide/Advisor is called Ray. Ray and I met many years back, in person (at that time I had no idea he will be one of my Guides).

Let's rewind back, when just started off my business, about 13 years ago, I had a meeting scheduled at the Small Business Administration. There I met this older gentleman. And my first thought was;"Oh. Not sure if this person is going to be able to help me and my adventures. How in the world will he be able to support my crazy ideas?" I decided to give him a chance, and to my surprise he was very supportive of my business idea/plan. We immediately connected, and the connection felt strong. I could sense this was not just another consultation for him, this was a deeper connection. A spiritual connection.

After the meeting, he checked in with me monthly. Ask me to keep him on the emailing list so he could follow my adventures. Anytime I needed business advice, I connected with him either in-person or via email and he was always super knowledgeable and helpful. I got so used to having him as a back up for my business. He was a very smart and honest business man and had knowledge in many areas in business. All around a very important part in my life and business.

Then a few years later a friend of mine needed some help starting her very own business. So, of course, I referred her to Ray. A few weeks later, my friend and I connected and I asked her how her meeting went. She responded with:"Not very well. I had this young person consult me and he wasn't very supportive."

As she mentioned the young person, Ray popped in. (meaning, when I connect with people that have passed on, they show up aka pop in). I felt so confused, why would Ray pop in? Oh no! That means he is no longer with us! I felt very uneasy and I am not going to lie, started to freak out a bit. Now what? Who do I ask for help? Who will guide me?

As all the questions ran through my mind, I felt Ray trying to console me.

And I got:" Silvia, no worries. I will be guiding you. Helping you and making sure you are not doing this, called life, on your own. I am of your service."

And he honestly held his word to this day. Ray is always with me. For years I tired to figure out why. I am sure he has family and they could use his help too. But he is adamant to "hangout" with me. And so far he never let me down.

Anything I do, personal and/or business, I run by Ray first. We have a thumb system. I ask the question, and he either answers with a thumbs up, middle or down. Based on what he is giving me, I will trust and go with. Again, so far he never ever was wrong.

I might not always wanted to hear or go with what he had to give me and ended up in a mess, but him and his advices are always right on. I also connect with him via thoughts. Meaning, I can communicate with him not just by me seeing him, and the thumb system, I get his thoughts. Not to confuse with hearing him. I do not hear him ever.

As an example; a few years back I got up and our heath would not kick on. Marc, my husband was at work and I had no idea why it wouldn't work. I called up Marc, and explained what is going on. He was a bit anxious, and was worried this will cost us an arm and a leg. I immediately felt, I need a bit guidance, so that I don't feel anxious and fearful.

So, I plummet myself onto my bed and I said:" Ray, we are having issues with the heat. Is it a big issue?"

I got:" NO."

Me:" Ok. Will it cost us a lot of money?"


Me:" More then $1000?"

Ray:" No." (and I got a thumbs down).

Me again:" More than $500?"

Ray:" NO." (again saw the thumbs down).

At this point my logical thinking kicked in. This cannot be right! I highly doubt that this will be less than $500 to fix. To get a person to look at the heat will cost us half of this! But I kept on going with my questions.

Me:" Ray will it be more than $100? "

Ray, very clean and clear:" It will be a little over $100, and they need to replace the nozzle."


So I reported back to my husband what Ray told me. My husband laughed and said:" Ok. Yeah, I don't think so!"

So we called a heating company, and the guy came in for free! I ran to do errands and when I came back the person was ready to wrap up and was writing out the invoice. He handed it to my husband and my husband looked at me like I had two heads. LOL!!!

He showed me the invoice and it there it was nicely written:


$100 for the labor and $7.50 for the nozzle that needed to be replaced.

Um. Yep. Everything Ray gave me.

From there on I started to completely trust and consciously work with Ray on a daily basis. The first thing in the morning is saying hi to him and ask him to just be on stand by :).

I also learned utilized Ray over the years better.

Asked my kids. ;)

They hate playing multiple choice board games with me, because I have some help from above and will win with help of Ray every single time. Even though I have no idea what the answers mean. :)

Ray came handy on a vacation in Costa Rica. Btw my husband ask me, to ask Ray, if we will be ok ;) . And so many times I knew before hand because of Ray, that I have nothing to worry about. Every time a situation presents itself that causes me or my family to be difficult, I consult with Ray and he always gives me the proper advice so I don't feel anxious or stress about it. Every. Single. Time.

Ray is a staple in my life. And it looks like he will stay for awhile.

Of course, I have other Guides too, they are not as intense and not as frequently with me. I take what I can get and never really ask why and how. I just step into trust and faith comes to working with any of my Guides.



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