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I think death is at times the most difficult time of one's life to comprehend and to understand. We don't learn to flow with it. We learn in society, beliefs, and/ or religion to think that is a final piece in our journey here on Earth.

I sit with customers day in and out, and death is a big, if not the biggest part of my work. Connecting with deceased loved ones, but also comforting those that lost someone. Explaining how death works, how the other side works, how the other side feels etc.


I sit in session and just want to put my energy onto my griefing customer's energy. To show them. To make them aware. I want them to see, feel, truly understand what it means to die, to be dead. Especially if I see my customers in despair and hurting. Unable to fully be able to be present. Dead it isn't the final piece of our life's journey. It's a transition. A transition and transformation into another form.

It should be a celebration.

It should be embraced, and not feared.

It should be accepted, and not feared.

It should be looked forward to, and not feared.

By all means, I don't want to come across insensitive or not empathetic to anyone that lost a loved one. Not at all. I want to inform and educate on death.

I think we could avoid a lot of suffering, by educating people. By explaining how this process works, and how they are still there. Just, again, in another form. Learning to tap into and being aware of that form would be important. And everyone could do it with the right tools and information.

To realize our attachment causes suffering. Attachment to the person. The memories. The being. The places. Attachment to fears etc.

To realize, we cannot control the process of dying. If your time is up, it is up. The wonders of IF's and WHY's will make it unbearable for those that are left behind.

To respect one's journey has ended, here in this lifetime and not dwell on the age or relation attached to it. It isn't losing someone. You only lose someone if you are unable to understand energy and its forms. Then it is final. But it truly isn't.

It is a change of form for them that made that journey and a change for those that are left behind.

And for me, It is an honor to connect with them on the other side.

It is an honor to sit with grieving souls and give them a tiny bit of peace. It is an honor to be of service.


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