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When Frequency Is Changing

Your frequency is changing.

So when you start to shift, the relationships you are in will shift with you, some might fall away.

And so too will the forms of your life. And these forms can relate to anything in your life - the place you live, the home, the job you do, the places you like to inhabit, right down to more intimate things, such as food, what you put in your body, the amounts - things start to change, patterns start to change.

So when frequency is changing, when you start to shift, we must pay attention. We must be aware of how we want to continue.

Do you want to resist and feel stuck?

Or do you embrace this change and invite it?

Do you hold on to old patterns and old relationships?

Maybe because you feel lonely or feel obligated because you invested a lot of time into the relationships? Maybe because it is comfortable? Maybe fear got hold of you?

Loneliness, Fear and Obligations will not allow you to shift and to grow.

Surrender. Pay attention. Then follow your gut and your intuition in finding your way.

Sit with yourself and ask yourself, what do you need? What would make you feel content?

Try not to look back or be sad about relationships and other forms of life that has shifted within and for you.

You are at the right place, the right time, right now.

Breathe. Allow yourself to grow.

Love yourself.

Step into your power.

Be brave. Be curious. Be unapologetically YOU!



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