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It's Full Moon! Now what?

I personally love following the personal rhythms of the universe. I love analyzing how my being; the emotional, spiritual and physical being -syncs with our planet. It is one way of how the world makes sense to me.

I also LOVE rituals.

I have a ritual for pretty much everything in my life.

I have a waking-up ritual, a yoga ritual, a pre-work ritual, a skin care ritual, a winding down ritual: you get the idea.

I love to be intentional in my being. In my doing. I found being intentional is very important in order to balance but also attract positive vibes or outcomes. It helps to shoot my mind, to calm my overall energy. Living mindfully is a very important part of who I am.

I combine mantras (repeating sentences) and chanting at times to invoke and attract a more peaceful energy.

Doing a ritual during certain moon phases could enhance the entire experience. Tonight is our first full moon for this month. Yes, I said first. There will be another full moon at the end of this month, the 31st of October. Below you can find some ideas and tools to balance your energy during a full moon, but also enhance your intentions during the full moons.

A full moon is to attract energy. A new moon would be to let go of energy. Lets explore some ideas and rituals in how to attract positive, calming energy into your life:

Writing it down:

1. Call in your Angels and Guides.

2. Find time to set your intentions of what you like to attract.

3. Write each intention on a piece of paper. Make sure you have no emotions attached. Stay neutral in what you want to attract. IF you have any emotions attached to what you like to attract, it will not manifest for you. Step into surrendering, trust and faith.

4. Be aware of what words you choose, make sure they are intentional.

Avoid using the words: maybe, try, wish, if, hope. Those words are not intentional.

5. Be firm! Ask with: I want, show me, bring me, I need. And always end with: So it is in the highest good of everyone involved!

6. Never use a persons name. That would be EGO.

7. Don't cap yourself! Don't ask for a specific amount, if you ask for money. You can say: bring me prosperity and abundance in all area of my life.

8. And last: make sure you know that you deserve to ask for it! You deserve to get the help and guidance. If you feel a bit uncomfortable in asking for help from a higher source you might block the entire ritual.

9. Then fold the paper and burn it, preferably outside. Let the universe carry it away!

10.Try not to analyze how it would manifest for you. Again, step into surrendering, faith and trust.

Remember you gave it up to a higher source. It isn't your business how, when and where it gets attracted.

Smudging and Blessing a space/house

Another good way of setting intentions and inviting good energy is to burn some Holy Wood also called Palo Santo. OR if you like, burn some Sage.

I personally prefer the Holy Wood.

Set your intention in what you like attract, then go through each room in the house burning the Holy Wood or Sage.

You can say a little blessing such as: "I banish all negative energy from this room and bless it with Divine Love and Light. So it has the perfect energy for (say your name/ if more than you live in the household you need to say the family name). And so it is." or " I call in abundance and positivity for this new month ahead. And so it is."

Do that to each room. Especially dark corners. Start in the basement and work yourself up.

Take a bath

Yes. Take a bath. Add some Frankincense or Myrtle ( both essential oils help to cleanse your aura) or some sea salt (also helps to cleanse and reset your aura). Set your intentions and enjoy.

Let the spirit of the evening move and inspire you!



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