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Finding Gratitude in the midst of COVID

The last few weeks, in my sessions the question of: How to lift energy, that is dense? Is coming up a lot.

Especially with what is going on in the world at this moment. People feel angry, fearful, frustrated, sad, and hopeless at times.

My advice to those feeling a bit low in energy these days is:

Find a Gratitude practice.

How do you start one off?

I would recommend doing it early in the morning, before you get out of bed. Because once you step out of bed, you are a mom, dad, sister, daughter, business owner, co-worker, friend, etc. etc. You know what I mean. And you will not find a time to consciously work on your energy, and on YOU.

I would start off by concentrating on yourself first. Make yourself a priority ( don't feel guilty, nobody will ever know, the practice will be held quietly). In order to come back strong and recharged, you need to fill yourself up. This is the first step. List maybe 10 things you are grateful for.

As an example;

I am grateful for my health

I am grateful for my strengths.

I am grateful for my job.

I am grateful for having enough to eat.

I am grateful for financial and personal security.

I am grateful for the love I give and receive, etc.

Once you filled yourself up with gratitude, shift your practice into other areas in your life. Such as family, job, etc. Keep it going until you feel it is enough.

Then use it anytime during the day if you feel your energy gets sucked down again or feels yucky.

Now the key is to keep doing it daily. Don't do it just once and then don't come back for a month. I rather have you doing it 5 minutes, but every day. Make it a habit.

And last, if you like at the end, top it off with a nice mantra/affirmation ( mantra: a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation). I do at times 2 different mantras 108 times each. So a total of 216 repetitions. A mantra/affirmation can be anything from a sentence, word or a Hindu text.

A good mantra/affirmation I use is:

I trust the process in life. I attract harmonious and prosperous situations and people into my life. AND SO IT IS.

Let your intuition guide you in whatever you like to say/repeat. As long as it is uplifting and positive, you are good to go.

And yes, it is ok not to do the full 108 repetitions, that comes with practice.

Remember: Gratitude will change your attitude!



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