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Conscious Level Gap. What is it?

I think we all can relate to this:

You meet a person, or have someone in the family where no matter what you try or say, it just doesn't vibe.

It feels like oil and water.

After you where in their space you feel tired, low, maybe question everything you are doing, you feel plain and simple YUCK! 

Then you start analyzing and maybe even asking yourself: Why did this just happened? What can I do to change this around? Maybe if I just change myself a bit or have a bit of empathy towards that person, it will change.

Fact is, there are energies ( 99% is family, but because it's family we will give them way to many excuses and passes) that just don't match with you.

Here is how I explain it to my customers:

We all spin on different vibrations, I personally see the vibrations as colors. The colors of the Chakra System (subtle energy system).

There are seven main colors ( there are thousands of colors within and around the body) I work with or better see. They run from your spine all the way up to the top of your head.

Red (Root Chakra)located at the spine

Orange (Sacral Chakra) below the belly button

Yellow (Solar Plexus Chakra) at the stomach

Green (Heart Chakra) at the heart

Blue (Throat Chakra) is located at the throat

Indigo blue (Third Eye Chakra) located between your eyes

and last

Purple (Crown Chakra) on top of your head.

Each Chakra/energy center associates with different mental and physical aspects of a person. We all have all the colors in our energy, but most of the time one or two colors stand out, as I say are the main characteristic of that person. IF it is too light, they are too open, and if they are too dark they are too closed. I could go into if they look like fuzzier out etc. I will not go there, or I will have a whole book written on them :).

Let's keep it simple.

The main reasons why we don't VIBE with another person is, the colors are off. As an example, you might be green (heart energy), and the other person you are connecting with is red (root chakra, at the spine). So right there green and red are opposite colors. Where a red person might get frustrated and angry super fast, the green person hates confrontations. Greens like to keep everything nice and peaceful. If you look at the scale where the red and green are located. You can see there is a HUGE gap in between this colors.

It is called: the GAP OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Meaning, what you say to a red person, they can't hear and vice versa. You are not on the same or similar vibration. That doesn't mean you are better or less or that person is better or less, it just means, the frequency is off. Like on a radio, you can't find that perfect frequency so you can listen clearly to that station. So getting back in trying to work it between two energies that just doesn't vibrate at all. The best thing you can do is, not trying to fix, nor take it personal. Once you realize where it comes from you can let it go on an emotional level. It doesn't matter anymore. That will help to transform unpleasant energy into something more fruitful. You will stop wasting your time, and stop using your Ego ( a tiny bit Ego is ok to have, we need it to stay balanced).

So next time you have a family get together and you feel like you just want to run, because it is just not up your alley, sit back analyze the persons energy. Non judging. Then go and put what I just wrote into action.

Remember it is all ENERGY.



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