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Finding Zen. Yeah ok. How?

Over the years, I had lots of people tell me; You are so zen, so relaxed, so upbeat. I want to get to your place. Do what you do, but if I meditate I can't sit still. I can't find the right meditation. It isn't quiet enough. My brain doesn't shut off. I loose interest after a few minutes etc.

And I always respond with: then you did not find your right meditation practice yet!

Everything we do consciously can be a meditation. Some people can sit for a 20 mins or more and do mantra work. And for some that doesn't work. If you have trouble quieting your mind, be open to an other form of meditation.

Allow yourself to think outside the box of sitting in a meditation pose on a cushion for 20 mins or so.

Ask yourself what do I enjoy? What makes you feel relaxed and content?

Cooking? Walking? Running? Gardening? Painting? Music?

Once you find what makes you happy and content, do it often. I would recommend try at each day at least for a few minutes to make an effort to connect.

Very consciously.

While walking, smell the air, notice the birds. Connect to your breathe.

While cooking, notice the aroma. Feel the spoon stirring

the pot. Notice the sizzle in the frying pan.

Those are all forms of meditating.

We are all unique and different and what works for one person might not work for the other person. Listen to what feels right within. And follow that. There is no right or wrong as long as you stay true to yourself.

Key is to stay with it. Make room or space to allow yourself to take some time to connect. It is vital to make it a habit, like brushing your teeth or combing your hair, in order to see some results.

And go into a meditation with absolutely no expectation. Let it unfold however it is meant to be. Some meditations you can be very connected and others are just not as intense. And that is ok. Just be open to receive. Be open to change up your practice. If you change, your practice might have to change.

Happy meditating!

If you feel guided to join or start off your very own meditation practice, join me at the monthly Zoom meditation ( or check out my meditation CD called AND SO IT IS... by Silvia Sisson.


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