Higher Self

June 1, 2015

What is the Higher Self?


Higher Self is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one’s real self. Each and every individual has a Higher Self.


Who is the Higher Self?


The Higher Self is you. You in the ether. Your Higher Self is the real you, your soul consciousness. He or she has your instruction manual and your life plan in his/her hands.

Your Higher Self is neither male nor female. You probably want to identify your Higher Self in your current gender. It resides in the ether, but it is always connected to you. It has access to your thoughts, intentions, feelings and thoughts.


The Role of the Higher Self


Your Higher Self is watching over you and helping you to go in the direction that is in your highest good. The direction you created your spiritual contract, also called life plan. It always knows what is best or in your highest good.

How to you connect to your Higher Self

You are always connect the to the Higher Self. You are probably not conscious of it. I for myself started to get thoughts of the Higher Self first. The thoughts came in like a warning, or a reason, or feeling. Happened to me when I first saw my husband. I just arrived in the United States, ( was suppose to be only here for 1 year) I was only 21 years old and had no desire to get married or being in a relationship. As I walked up the walkway towards the house I stayed, I saw my “future’ husband, and I got the thought :
” This person, will be the dad of your children!”
Of course, I was kind of brushing it off. I didn’t know this person, just arrived, and kind of found it nuts to get that information. Well, turns out, we got married within a year, and yes he is the dad of my children! That Higher Self…..

For me personally, I get the thoughts, but leave it open, you might be able to “see” or “hear” your Higher Self. Everyone is different and unique. Trust what you get. The Higher Self will never give you negative information. If it is fear based that is NOT the Higher Self that is EGO…. ( Send that EGO on permanent vacation, such as retirement! Nothing good comes from it)……

It will take time and practice to build a relationship with your Higher Self. Just keep talking to it, until it comes easy and the trust is build up. Keep in mind the Higher Self, can only come down so far to your level. You need to work on achieving a high state of consciousness to do this.

There is many different ways to start a relationship with your Higher Self. You could start journaling. Type up some questions, listen for the answers. First, you might connect with your EGO. But as you go deeper you will get to the Higher Self. Try it.


What does the Higher Self look like?


Well, it can look exactly like you. Maybe an older version of you. Leave it open.

Bottom line is: The Higher Self is the ultimate guide. It is YOU. It knows you best. So trust it, build a relationship, work with it. Once you build up the relationship with your Higher Self, you can go further and connect with other peoples Higher Self. That is even more fun. But another topic.



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