Real results with real foods: 

Holistic Nutrition Counseling means, coming together so we can achieve optimal wellness, for body, spirit and mind. 

Do you lack willpower? Tired of dieting? Are you ready to get healthy?

My philosophy is simple; 

Eat real foods!

A holistic approach means, considering the whole person not just focusing on the symptoms. 

As a Holistic Nutrition Counselor I will guide you and provide you with tools and guidance throughout the counseling process. 

My approach focuses on three main areas: nutrition, lifestyle and emotional well-being and stress relief/exercise. 

During the counseling process you receive guidance  to make healthy food choices and receive step-by-step support introducing delicious whole foods that are satisfying while also promoting over health, well-being and weight loss.



I offer:

one on one counseling  

Cost: $35 per session (45mins)



EAT REAL FOODS 6 week program 

(they include 4 sessions 45 min of Holistic Nutrition Counseling, 1 customized 28 Day Meal plan, 6 Yoga classes, mindfulness tools and 1 customized workout plan)

Cost: $225

All nutrition counseling are offered ONLY on Monday's.

For more information or to reserve a spot please email

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